For Supervisors & Managers

We provide consultations, coaching, and skills training for supervisors and managers to help support them in the crucial role they play in their organizations.

Healthy Life EAP provides free consultation to all supervisors and managers

Take advantage of your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by calling regarding any challenging employee or worksite problems. We are available to coach you or suggest options for a variety of problems including:
  • How to deal with a difficult employee
  • How to refer an employee for help when their work is suffering
  • What to do if you smell alcohol on an employee’s breath
  • What to do when your employees are not working well together
  • What to say to an employee who is having personal problems
  • How to manage your own frustration with certain employees
  • Helping your team deal with transition and change.

Healthy Life EAP provides immediate critical incident support & other support services should a crisis or tragedy occur that impacts your employees. We have counselors available 24 hours a day on the phone to offer support and guidance. We can also provide timely on site support for employees who have been affected by an event. There are times when a group of employees may be dealing with other, nonemergency, concerns such as organizational change or the illness of a colleague and Healthy Life EAP can provide an array of supportive services at these times as well.

Orientations & Training

Healthy Life EAP staff will come to your work site and spend about half an hour educating employees about their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit and how to use it. We provide materials explaining EAP with access information so that it’s available when people need it. We can also provide training and workshops on a variety of useful topics. These can range from 45 minute lunch & learns to half day programs depending on your needs. A list of training topics is available at our website.


Solutions For Supervisors