Current Trainings

De-Escalation Techniques 

**Tues 5/28/24**               12:00 – 1:00p              Zoom-

Recalibration in the Face of Today’s Realities

Mon 6/3/24                 12:00 – 1:00p              Zoom-

Navigating Workplace Conflict 

Mon 6/10/24               12:00 – 1:00p              Zoom-

Work-Life Rhythm

Mon 6/17/24               12:00 – 1:00p              Zoom-

The Impact of Attitude 

Mon 6/24/24               12:00 – 1:00p              Zoom-

If you are interested in a training topic, but unable to attend at the scheduled time, please contact us at 1-800-769-9819 to inquire about additional availability. Please contact us for training descriptions and a full menu of topics. Custom trainings for individual healthcare groups are available upon request.