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The State of Maine and Healthy Life EAP are partnering to provide healthcare and frontline workers with wellness workshops, peer connection groups, free confidential coaching sessions and more. On this site there are many resources to help you cope with the challenges you are facing on a daily basis. Please take some time to learn more; we look forward to working with you.


Wellness Workshops

Join 30 minute Wellness Workshops that focus on mental and emotional wellness using practical tips and mindfulness. If you're short on time, try 10 minute Wellness Breaks for a quick mid-day  reset. No registration required! 



Join 50-60 minute trainings on a range of topics, from Stress Management and Sustaining Compassion to De-Escalation Techniques and Professional Communication. No registration required! Contact hour certificates available upon request. 

Facilitated Group Discussion 

Gather your work team together for a discussion about how group members are coping with stressors and what support they need from each other. A professional consultant will facilitate the discussion, creating space both for open dialogue and for psychoeducation about stress management and resiliency strategies. Sessions typically last 50 minutes and are accessible via Zoom and no registration is required.

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Critical Incident Responses

A critical incident is an event or situation that causes strong reactions and can result in trauma for some people if they do not have the support and resources to help them cope. With the heightened stress of the pandemic, it is crucial to provide stress debriefings to staff when a critical incident occurs in the workplace. 

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Individual Work/Life Coaching

Access 1:1 confidential coaching with a licensed professional to assist with stress and to explore wellness options and resiliency. Up to six 50-minute sessions, conducted via Zoom. 

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Leadership Consultations

Unusual and/or difficult situations come up that are challenging from a leader’s perspective. We are available to consult about these situations and offer guidance and best practices around how to handle them.

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