Training Programs

These topics can be modified to suit your audience and organizational needs. Looking for management training? We offer a tailored version of workshops for leaders.

General Programs

Sustaining Compassion in Support Services 
Learn about compassion fatigue and how to cope with the cumulative effects of caring for others. 

Skills for New Professionals 
Defining and exploring strategies to build professionalism in the workplace. 

Stress Management in the Workplace 
Understand the impact of stress and implement new approaches to add to your toolbox. 

Work-Life Rhythm 
Ways to manage the demands of work and personal life for long term success. 

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (Pt 1 and 2) 
Benefit from differences among colleagues and clients, understand implicit bias, and learn tools for effective working across differences. 

Respectful Workplace 
Promote a constructive attitude, emotional intelligence and effective listening among staff. 

Accountability (Walking the Talk) 
Understand the principle of accountability to ensure that responsibilities are met. 

Managing Workplace Conflict 
Turn natural conflict into an opportunity to improve your workplace culture. 

Moral Courage and Making Meaning in Support Services 
Tips and best practices for moral recovery and how to cultivate more meaning in life. 

Managing Your Time and Tasks 
Make the most of your limited time, work more efficiently and meet or beat deadlines. 

Substance Use in the Workplace 
Learn to recognize and respond to possible signs of alcohol or drug use and misuse in the workplace. 

The Impact of Attitude 
Learn how to foster a constructive attitude in yourself and others. 

Professional Communication Skills 
Facilitate constructive teamwork and great service through clear communication and effective listening. 

Navigating Change with Resiliency 
Recalibrate and adapt to changes and challenges to excel in your professional role. 

Harassment Prevention/Response in the Workplace 
Prevent workplace harassment before it happens; intervene effectively if it does. 

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace 
Recognize mental distress and provide supportive and practical interventions to help. 

Professional Boundaries 
Identify and implement appropriate boundaries with clients and colleagues. 

De-Escalation Skills 
Diffuse intense situations with techniques to stay grounded and respond. 

Special for Leaders

Difficult Conversations 
Best practices for discussing sensitive topics and giving important feedback. 

Motivation and Coaching 
How great leadership brings out great work performance. 

Managing Remote Workers 
Build awareness of how best to support remote and hybrid employees. 

Effective and Responsible Leadership Skills 
Learn effective communication, management strategies, and tools for accountability. 

Peer to Leader 
Explore changing dynamics, while establishing guidelines to navigate into a leadership role. 

Reasonable Suspicion/Cause Training (DOT and non-DOT) 
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DER Training- DOT 49 CFR Part 40 
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