EAP Services for Leaders

Being an effective supervisor or leader is more than a title, it's a reputation that has to be earned. We believe that Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are not just for employees and their household members, but for supervisors as well. Therefore, we provide consultation services to our client organizations at no additional charge.

Supervisors and human resources personnel are encouraged to contact us if they find themselves dealing with a challenging situation involving an employee, team or department. We do not take the place of existing organizational policies and procedures. However, we can help with exploring options, referrals, and support services for staff.

We understand that being a supervisor requires a specific skill set and we are available to train, coach, and practice skills with supervisors as needed. 

We also provide coaching and consultation to senior leaders to help them refine their leadership approach, understand their styles, evaluate areas for change, and strengthen skills based on identified goals. 

For additional information about our services for leaders and to see answers to frequently asked questions from supervisors, please go to "For Supervisors/Managers" under "Support."