Critical Incident Expertise

No organization is immune from traumatic events. Healthy Life EAP has extensive experience assessing and meeting the needs of client organizations that face such situations. We are prepared to provide our client companies with the most timely and appropriate Critical Incident support services. Our staff has been ‘specialty’ trained to deal with such circumstances with both compassion and professionalism. We can also help organizations develop policies and procedures in anticipation of such events by providing training ahead of time in order to ensure an adequate response at all levels of the organization following such events.

A critical incident is any traumatic experience that evokes extraordinary emotion on the part of survivors, witnesses, or employees. Those impacted who do not receive support can be at risk of developing significant and lasting stress responses. Many variables impact each individual’s response to a traumatic event and critical incident stress management services can help support a more complete adjustment.

Some examples of critical incidents are:
  • Serious injury or death of a coworker or customer/patient
  • Natural disaster such as flooding or earthquake
  • Multiple casualty accident
  • Intensive media coverage and scrutiny of a scandal
  • Death of an employee’s family member
  • Bank or store robbery or attempted robbery

If you have any questions regarding these services or your organization has been impacted by a traumatic incident and you’d like to access critical incident support services please call 1-800-769-9819.