For Providers

Frequent Provider Questions

Q: How do Healthy Life EAP referrals get made to providers for assessment, short-term counseling, and/or referral?
When an eligible employee or household member calls us to access services, we explain how the program works. If the caller wants to access face to face services, the most convenient provider(s) is identified and the caller is offered the option of calling the provider directly to schedule an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) assessment appointment. Providers are given a list of Healthy Life EAP client organizations and can request updated lists at any time. The Healthy Life EAP client is instructed to call and let the provider know that he/she wants to schedule an EAP appointment. EAP providers are expected to be able to offer a regular appointment within a few business days. 

Q: How many sessions do EAP clients get?
 The number of sessions available to the EAP client following an assessment is unique to each organization and dependent on whether or not the concerns can be resolved within the EAP sessions. If the problem can be resolved within the number of EAP sessions available, the EAP counselor is welcome to use those sessions. If the problem will likely not be resolved within the EAP sessions the EAP counselor is asked to make a referral as soon as possible in the EAP relationship to the appropriate resource. Please refer to the list of EAP client organizations with accompanying maximum number of EAP visits that we have provided you. If you are unable to locate this list or have any questions, please call us at 1.800.769.9819.
Q: How do I submit billing?
A: Use the case report and billing form provided in the “Forms” section of our website. Please remember that billing must be submitted within 45 days of the date of service to be paid. Also, all EAP clients should be given a client satisfaction form to complete at the end of their final EAP visit.

 Q: Can I see EAP clients for ongoing therapy?
A: In situations where a referral for ongoing outpatient therapy is indicated, the EAP counselor should make clinically appropriate referrals to other providers in the area who accept the client’s insurance. This referral should be made as soon as possible.

In some cases, where clinically appropriate, providers may be approved to self-refer EAP clients as long as they have offered the client other options, are in the client's insurance network, and it is clinically appropriate to do so. However, pre-approval by Healthy Life EAP is required. If you would like to discuss a self-referral please call us at 1.800.769.9819 to discuss.