Feedback from our client satisfaction forms

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your session on resilience today. The information was so useful and you presented it so well. You have such a good interactive style and also manage multiple things at once so skillfully! It was very, very clear from the engagement how well you were able to convey the information and how vitally important it was.” 
- Resiliency Training participant, Northern Light Health

“I’m following up to thank you for your time earlier this morning. It was helpful to share where I am at and what I am facing, and I thank you for listening and offering encouragement and advice. I appreciate your understanding.” 
- Support Group participant, Eastern Maine Medical Center

“The topics were timely and relevant. The facilitator had a realistic approach to the material she presented and a good understanding of where we are, how many of us are feeling, and the challenges we are facing. I was surprised of how well it went, with fair interaction over zoom, which is challenging.” 
- Resiliency Training participant, Health Access Network

“Just wanted to let you know how I used “getting out of my head” this weekend and how helpful it was.  Not even related to work or COVID, but still exactly what I needed.”
- Resiliency Training participant, Northern Light Health

“[Healthy Life EAP] is local, accessible, and very responsive to the needs of our employees. I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak directly with a staff person and quickly develop an action plan to address the issue at hand, whether it be critical incident debriefings, grief counseling and support, or taking advantage of the quality staff development training programs they offer.” 
-Don Brewer, Human Resources Director, Cumberland County Government

“Even the strongest people need help right now. It truly is hard for most everyone. Please keep offering these types of sessions -- they help us know we aren’t alone in this! It’s very comforting.” 
- Managing Isolation training participant, Northern Light Health