Our Commitment to Prevention and Wellness

Employees have personal difficulties and problems from time to time. In many cases, they overcome such problems independently. In some cases, however, employees are unable to resolve their problems without professional assistance. In other instances, personal problems may show up in the workplace and affect job performance.

Healthy Life EAP can be part of a comprehensive wellness and accident prevention program. A distracted employee is more likely to have an accident or become ill.

We believe it is in the best interest of the employee, the employee's family, and the organization to provide early intervention to help with such problems. Most employees are capable of resolving almost any problem, provided the problem is identified in its early stages and referral is made to appropriate assistance.

This applies whether the problem is one of physical illness, mental or emotional stress, couples or family problems, alcoholism, drug abuse, legal or financial concerns, or other issues of daily living. Employees are encouraged to seek confidential assistance through the EAP on a voluntary basis before job performance problems develop.
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