About Healthy Life EAP

We provide organizations with comprehensive employee assistance programming (EAP), training, support and consultation to contribute to wellness and safety, increase employee engagement, and positively impact your bottom line. Individuals, couples, families, and organizations have challenges from time to time, and we’ve found that solutions are easier to come by with professional assistance.

Healthy Life EAP has been providing services to employers for over 35 years. Our professional development and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) portfolio of services helps employers provide support and skills coaching to their most valuable assets: their employees. 

Our specially developed programs are able to address a wide variety of concerns ranging from family and personal problems that can distract an employee from their job to departmental or organizational issues such as conflict resolution, team building, and supervisory skills training. Healthy Life EAP currently provides comprehensive training, assessment, short-term counseling, management consulting and critical incident support services to over 100 organizations.

Healthy Life EAP can be part of a comprehensive wellness and accident prevention program.
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